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Used 2.0L Replacement EJ20T Subaru Forester XT Replacement TF035 Turbocharged Engine for Sale
Used Push-Type JDM WRX 2006+ 5 Speed Manual GD Transmission, Axles, Clutch & Rear 4.444 LSD
WRX 2002-2005 2.0L JDM 5-Speed Manual Transmission with 4.444 Rear LSD, Axles & Clutch for Sale
JDM Subaru WRX 2006+ Push-Type Manual Transmission with Axles, Aftermarket HKS Clutch Assembly & Rear 4.11 LSD
Used WRX 2002-2005 5-Speed Manual GD Transmission with 4.444 Rear LSD, 4 Corner Axles & Clutch for Sale
JDM Subaru 5-Speed Manual WRX GDA 2002-2005 Transmission with Axles, 4.11 Rear Differential & Clutch for Sale

Very nice shop with excellent service. I’ve been buying and installing multiple of their engines and other parts on friends car including mine. Very good quality parts, fair price. Had a little problem on one engine one time and got it replaced right away without any problem. Always reply quickly, you can join them through facebook also. We'll keep buying from them anytime we need any subaru parts.

— Charles Bisson

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