All items that are marked as in stock on our website are eligible for deposits / down payments.
Deposits will be a minimum of 25% off the total (including shipping).

Know that deposits are non refundable and do confirm your intent to purchase.
The item will be reserved for up to 4 weeks / one month.

You are at liberty to complete the balance within the alloted time frame in the preferred payment method. If you would like use a credit card, please contact us on our toll free number (1.877.327.3231) to securely process your transaction. 

Please do ensure that your shipping address is up to date if you choose to leave the deposit directly through the website.

Once the final balance has been arranged your item will be immediately processed for shipment.
If, for any reason, the billing and shipping address differ or change during the course of the reservation; do let us know.

We will direct you with the necessary information to have the address corrected prior to shipping / processing your final transaction.

If you choose to make a deposit directly through the website; simply calculate your shipping charges (if applicable) and apply a checkmark in the box labeled "I want to make a deposit"!

Please note: If the deposit / reservation date is exceeded and expectations are not set for the final payment then the item will be placed back in stock and will be available for purchase. You will then be at liberty to contact us again should the item still be available to purchase it minus the balance that was paid already. Should the item not be available then you do forfeit the deposit amount which will NOT be credited and is non-transferable to any other item.