Client Projects

Justin's White Wagon STi Hatch

Submitted by Justin B.


          I recently purchased a front clip of an 04 jdm sti, i took my time to repaint everything to look perfect. When i decided to purchase the front clip they made everything go incredibly smooth and easy. Setting up shipping from Canada to Portland took about 5 days and everything arrived at once in wonderful condition, I was and still am incredibly excited to have these parts! Thank you for everything!!!

          I have done quite a few mods to my wagon; for the exterior i have charge speed side skirts and a front lip and even carbon fiber charge speed carbon fiber rear strakes, along with a forcewerkz carbon fiber rear diffuser, custom powder coated rays gram light wheels. the interior was recently completely redone as well; full leather interior including leather on the entire dash, seats, door cards and even a custom box in the back for two 10" subs.

          As far as the engine goes, its currently right arround 460WHP on a built block with a garret GT3076R stock location turbo. All supporting mods have been done such as injectors, fuel pump, front mounted intercooler, internals and much more! the suspension is locked down in every aspect, we have front and rear sway bars as well as strut braces, end links, bushings, motor mounts, tranny mounts. The wagon even has a DCCD to choose how much power goes where to the drive train. This car is always a constant work in progress and its a labor of love. Thank you for taking the time to read about my build.

More photos can be found at @White_wagonsti 

Submitted by Justin B.