International Shipping

International buyers must contact us directly by e-mail:

All international shipments will be made by boat and can only be shipped to international ocean ports for $600.00 USD**. International customers must verify that an international port is available and that the port itself can accept international freight. We cannot ship to countries that do not have a registered international ocean port.

The standard shipment takes roughly 20-40 days via boat and is strapped to a palette and sent out as is. The average shipment will be 47×32×38 (inches) and will weigh 400 lbs.

The Bill of Lading will be available after one week's time and provided to the buyer. Other documents such as cargo papers, manifest document or arrival notice will be available for customs clearance once the item reaches the ocean port and will be forwarded as available to us.

Important: Buyer assumes responsibility of making sure which documents are required to import the package prior to purchase. Buyer is responsible for customs, charges and paperwork involved in the importation of the product.

Each skid is sent out with a shipping label, an invoice and a packing slip.

The $450.00 USD** is the ocean freight shipping charge. Other charges that will be involved for importation will be the buyer's responsibility to cover when due.

**Shipping cost is an estimate. PLease contact so that we may get a quotation from our shipping carrier.